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“5G Outlook – Current State and Future Promises”
Wednesday, August 10th, 2016       

At: Wireless Connect Conference


If you missed out on the latest news and developments in the world of 5G, attend this session and catch up with the current affairs of 5G. Even though the first phase of standardization will not be completed before 2018, academia and operators have started showcasing some of the key capabilities of 5G through trials and business cases.

We will review the following topics during this session:

Driving Forces behind 5G efforts
Standardization Process – by ITU (IMT2020) and 3GPP
5G Timeline, Key Requirements and Use-cases
Spectrum Allocation – Do we need more spectrum? Licensed and Unlicensed, mmWave
4G Vs 5G; Infrastructure upgrade for 5G
Massive MIMO and densification for 5G; Role of DAS and Small Cells when 5G rolls out

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